Toppin is a health and happiness brand for the modern homeowner.

We offer future-forward cleaning technology that supports a healthier and refreshed environment. On our constant exploration, we continue to discover the power of combined design and technology used to achieve harmony and cleanliness in every home.

We design products that make present-day homeowners feel in control of creating a healthy environment for everyone around them. We inspire homeowners to foster meaningful connections to their surroundings.

Nowadays, connecting with our homes translates into deeper connections with friends and family. In other words, our products allow homeowners to offer themselves, and anyone who knocks on their door a clean, healthy environment—and this cultivates happiness.

Toppin is an innovative way to creating a harmonious space through a revolutionary approach, and an ergonomic product operation, minimalistic appearance, that not only meets functional needs but also provides an upscale appearance fit for every modern home.